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Welcome to Silent Dream Scanlations!

Silent Dream Scanlations is a scanlation project that has been launched by OtakuZone. Our purpose is to scanlate all of your silent dreams.

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    Chat Rules:
    ✖️ Please do not speak in languages other than English in the chat. This is so the other members can understand what you are saying.
    ✖️ Please do not use inappropriate cursing words with in the chat. This is to stop any quarrels that might occur due to those words.

    Forum Rules:
    ✖️ Please do not double post in the forum. This applies to both the thread topics and user comment posts. (This rules does not apply for the Spam Section.)
    ✖️ Please make sure that your signature does not exceed 300 pixels in height.
    ✖️ Please do not use inappropriate language while posting in the forum.
    ✖️ Please do not quote large quotes that might take up too much space.
    ✖️ Please do not post pictures that might have inappropriate content or are extremely large.

    Project Distribution Rules:
    ✖️ Please keep in mind that you can not distribute our projects to any other, unless, and until you ask for our permission.
    ✖️ You can only distribute our projects AFTER the 2 day waiting period is over.
    ✖️ Please do not remove the credit pages from our releases.

    If you want to help us, then please donate to us. Even the smallest amount counts.
    If you are willing to donate then please Click Here.

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